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CASPER Arizona

CASPER, the Collaboration for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research, is a community of digital signal processing researchers, electrical and computer engineers, astronomers, physicists and enthusiasts collaborating with each other to create shared tools and hardware. The CASPER framework is a platform independent and open source, and can be used to simulate DSP designs and synthesize them into bitcode for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

The University of Arizona CASPER club aims to gather talented students who are interested in signal processing and FPGAs. Students will pursue individual and collaborative projects that provide opportunities to learn digital design skills, preparing them for internships in academic and industrial opportunities.

The CASPER model abstracts low-level tasks to functional blocks that can be used by anyone to build sophisticated tools. The CASPER framework is supported by highly skilled individuals or groups that contribute low-level code for these blocks. Students with a wide range of background knowledge are encouraged to join the club, define their projects, and collaborate on them. SThe hardware will be provided and there will be classes to introduce the tools to new members.

By CASPER Arizona Team